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Why do we create LLC's & Corporations for free?

We set up free LLC's and Corporations because we know that business owners need the most help and direction after their company is filed, and we want create a lasting relationship with you - not just set up an entity.

Also, we can also help you even if you don't need an LLC or Corporation.

General Information:

Learn more about each type of business entity (LLC or Corporation), as well what you should be doing after you set up your entity.


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Limited Liability





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LLC or Corporation

Asset Protection Strategies:


  • Protection for YOU  from high liability activities

  • Protection for YOU  from your dangerous assets

  • Does Not protect the ASSET from your actions

  • No Charging Order in most states

Tax Reduction Strategies:

Limited Liability Company(s):                             

  • Personal vs. Business Expense

  • Reduce Active Income Tax Utilizing "S" Election

  • Reduce Overall Tax Rate with "C" Election

  • Reduce Personal Tax Rate

  • 4 different taxation options


  • Personal vs. Business Expense

  • Reduce Active Tax Utilizing "S" Election

  • Reduce Overall Tax Rate with "C" Election

  • Reduce Personal Tax Rate

  • 2 different taxation options

Structure Your Business Correctly

Learn how to structure your company based on its business type. This information will show you how to apply tax strategies and asset protection strategies specific to your industry to maximize results.


Click "Read More"  under your business type to read more about how others are using LLC's and Corporations in your industry: 
















Learn About What Will Benefit You The Most:

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If you are not sure you are doing things correctly with your company regarding:

  • commingling funds

  • using personal credit without documentation

  • state requirements

  • federal requirements

  • compliance requirements

  • how the business is structured

  • not getting the most of your business from a tax reduction standpoint

How can we help you?
What do we do?

The Nexus Group specializes in helping business owners reduce their taxes, maximize their asset protection, maintain compliance, as well as increase revenues and performance.

In the pursuit to help business owners as much as possible, The Nexus Group provides free LLC & Corporation set up - which includes the filing of the LLC or Corporation, obtaining of the EIN, completion of the Operating Agreement or Bylaws, filing “S” or “C” tax election, as well as the initial resolution.


Although we do not charge a fee for these services, the state may require you to pay a fee directly to them.

If you already have an LLC or Corporation, The Nexus Group can make sure that you are compliant and maximizing your tax benefits.

Regardless of whether you need an entity or not, or already have an entity – The Nexus Group can answer your questions, give you great useful information that is specific to you, and we can help give you the guidance you need to take the next steps toward success.

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