Regardless if you are incorporated or not, we can help you know what to do next.

Free "What Do I Do Next Appointment" Includes:

  • Free One-on-One Consultation

  • Free Customized Identifier Report

Regardless if you are incorporated or not, our  Free Consultation & Custom Identifier Report is designed to help you:


  • Identify if a business entity is right for you (LLC or Corporation)

    • Or if it wiil just cost you money 

  • If you already have an LLC or Corporation - what YOU need to do to be compliant

  • If you already have an LLC or Corporation - how to maximize tax & asset protection strategies

  • If additional entities will reduce your taxes or further protect your assets.


So, if we believe that you don't need an LLC or Corporation - we are going to tell you! We don't want you spending money if the LLC or Corporation will not help you!

That also means that if we believe that an LLC or Corporation will help you, you should listen - and we will help you set it up for free!


And, if there are steps you need to take to ensure the business you have already set up is in compliance, we will let you know those as well.

This service takes into account your business activities, the level of business risk, business assets, personal assets, internal dynamics (partners, employees, intellectual property etc.), current income, projected income, desired personal income, current tax percentages, potential future tax percentages, as well as overall personal and business goals to assess what type of entity would be most beneficial and when.


From this information, the Entity Identifier creates a customized report that outlines:

  1. Custom entity recommendations

    • Type of Entity(s)

    • Taxation Election

    • Role in Strategy​​

    • Entity State (Location)

  2. The step-by-step phases for entity set up (triggers to set up an entity given your specific situation)

  3. Estimated tax reduction

  4. Detailed description of tax reduction strategies and step by step process outline

  5. Detailed description of asset protection strategies and step by step process outline

  6. Detailed descriptions of different tasks, and monthly activities associated with each entity for each phase

  7. An outline of the specific documentation the current circumstances & each phase require

  8. If multi-entities are needed, we provide an outline of when & why

  9. A brief overview: Will incorporating in another state benefit me?

  10. What the next steps are for you and your business(s)

Comprehensive Review

Make sure you get the greatest asset protection, and tax reduction available given your circumstances.

This service includes:

  • Live One-on-One Consultation

  • Tax Reduction Assessment & Recommendations

  • Asset Protection Assessment & Recommendations

  • Compliance Review: Requirements & Recommendations Outline

  • Custom Structure & Strategy based on Your Needs

  • Custom Entity Diagram Showing HOW to use your LLC or Corporation based on Your Unique Circumstances

  • Outlined Phasing of WHY & WHEN you should set up your next LLC or Corporation

  • Custom Entity Identifier

  • Live Entity Set Up 



Avoid the pitfalls, keeping you save and out of the reach of lawsuits, the State, & the IRS

This service includes:

  • Everything Included in our Comprehensive Review

  • 3 Months of Call & Email Question Support

  • State Requirements Review & Direction

    • There are a lot of different regulatory bodies with varying requirements that you need to meet depending on your specific business - let's make sure you are meeting all of them based on your unique situation.​

  • IRS Requirements Review & Direction

  • Individualized Tax Reduction Report

  • Minutes & Resolutions Review

  • Outline of Business & Personal Expenses 

  • Outline of Bills & Expenses Per Company

  • Custom Outline of Tasks Per Company 

  • Chart of Accounts Review or Set Up

  • Internal Contracts (2)

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