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Expert Guidance

Being a business owner is difficult because there is so much to learn, track, develop, and do – normally all at the same time. Unfortunately, these tasks are commonly taking place while business owners are trying to also service clients and generate income. That is why it is so important to have a guide that knows what you need to do in any business situation, when to do it, how to do it, and who will track your progress and keep you accountable.

Often there is only time to do one of the following things: learn what you need to do, or to do it.

  • Business Entity Facilitation Coaching:

    • Compliance Transaction Coaching

    • Monthly (things every company should do on a monthly basis)

    • Quarterly (things every company should do on a quarterly basis)

    • Seasonal (things every company should do on at specific times during the year)

    • Situational (things every company should do in certain situations)

  • Structure & Strategy Coaching:

    • How to use your entity in business situations and transactions taking into consideration your specific entity structure(s) & strategy. How your business actually engages in a business situation, with other companies, and the steps of conducting business.

  • Multi Entity Coaching:

    • How to use your businesses together

    • Multi Entity Logistics

    • Inter Company Transactions

    • Knowing which business to use and when

  • Expense Coaching:

    • Personal Expenses vs. Business Expenses

  • Bookkeeping Coaching:

    • Understanding Bookkeeping Steps

    • How to Oversee Bookkeeping

    • Tracking Bookkeeping Activities Per Company & Account

  • Financial Statement Coaching

  • Cash Flow Coaching:

    • Budget Tracking

    • Projected Income Tracking

    • Cash Flow Estimation & Analysis

    • Break-even Analysis

    • Overall Profit & Loss

  • Loan / Funding Preparation Coaching​

  • Asset Performance Tracking

  • Advertising & Marketing Performance Tracking & Analysis

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