Our Beliefs:

We, the founders and owners of The Nexus Group, LLC have been in the incorporation industry since 2003. During that time we have observed other incorporation companies take advantage of business owners lack of knowledge, and fear of what could happen. 

We wanted our company to be different.

We wanted a company that would only make recommendations based on the current needs of our clients - instead of trying to just make a sale.

We wanted a company that would focus on making LLC's and Corporations viable after they were created - instead of our clients spending all of their money on the set up, and having viability be an afterthought. 

We wanted to shift the focus from just setting up an LLC or Corporation - to the ongoing items that must take place after its set up that actually provide the asset protection & tax reduction.

And we wanted to provide ongoing question support that was based on what is best for our clients - instead of based on biased intentions of selling another LLC or Corporation in the future. 

This is the thinking that led to The Nexus Group, LLC, & this is what we practice.


When we recommend an LLC or Corporation it's because that is what you need, and because the benefits of setting up an LLC or Corporation is greater than the cost of creation, ongoing maintenance, annual state fees, and cost of an entity tax return.


If you do not need an LLC or Corporation, we will be the first to tell you.

Business owners come to us to find out what is best for them.

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